Feb 25, 2018
Medium, Is a puppy/kitten

Thank you!

We tried at least $300 worth of different dry dog foods for our 7 month old puppy and he wouldn’t eat any of them for more than a day or two without getting bored with them. He is very active so we were worried he wasn’t getting enough nutrients to live such an active lifestyle. He also was going number 2 about 5 times a day and we knew by the consistency and the amount of food he was consuming (hardly any) that this wasn’t normal. We finally decided to switch to wet food and I was feeling discouraged with the canned options, many of them requiring the dog to eat 3-4 cans a day which totaled about $7 a day and had bad ingredients or weren’t brands I trusted.

When I saw Freshpet in the refrigerated section I thought it for sure would be out of my price range but when I did the math I actually comes out to about $2 a day for my 30 pound dog and it’s actually something I want to feed him. I bought it and took it home and my dog went wild! He begs for breakfast and dinner each day now when he sees me get it out of the fridge. It also has completely changed his digestive routine and gotten him on a normal schedule with normal looking bowl movements. I am extremely grateful for this product for making me feel good about what I’m feeding my dog and seeing how much excitement he gets eating It. Thank you thank you!

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