Mar 01, 2018
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Homeless To Happy

Dear Freshpet,

My name is Abe and I wanted to share Simba’s story with you.

Simba came to the US from Puerto Rico after being found near a dumpster with his family. He was fortunate enough to find a loving couple who fed him and cared for him until he was sent out to shelter in NJ. Some of his family members didn’t make it but Simba remained strong and determined to find a home. I was looking for a furry companion and saw him at a local pet store that was hosting an adoption event.

Simba was really skinny and shy but once he warmed up to me he couldn’t stop licking me! We hung out for a bit at the pet store and I decided to take him in. He was going to be my first dog so I made sure to have all sorts of food and toys ready. When I received him he was really timid. Cars scared him, loud sounds made him jump and he had a bit of anxiety. I guess all the traveling, multiple adoption days and kennels took a toll on him. He was very skinny, I called him my little string bean. Although I had kibbles for him, he would only eat a minimal amount and his digestion was all over the place. I felt sad because I really wanted to nourish him and help him be strong. He made it so far so I wanted to help him stay strong. One day a friend recommended Freshpet and that changed things forever.

After a few days of Freshpet I noticed better digestion and way more energy from him. He couldn’t stop approaching people for attention and cars were no longer an issue. We now go on hikes, snow trails, road trips and dog runs. He has so many friends in our area that walks take FOREVER…. 😀

I just wanted to write this as a form of encouragement to keep doing what you’re doing. You guys are helping dogs and dog owners just like me everywhere. You guys have lifelong companions in Simba and me. Thank you.


Simba & Abe

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