Mar 18, 2018

My 14 year old Border Collie Retriever mix

For the past year and a half my senior dog has started peeing involuntary in our house. She would be lying down and when she got up a puddle would be there. This was happening a couple times a day. She was lethargic and nit at a good weight. We fed her a dry senior food and sometimes she would wait to eat it. The vet did tests and felt she needed estrogen. And if that didn’t work she would go through some more expensive testing for cancer. The estrogen didn’t alleviate the symptoms at all. One day at the superstore I saw the fridge unit with Freshpet. I thought why don’t we give it a try. Well this was about a year ago and the results are remarkable! Not only can we not get it in her dish fast enough (we don’t think she even tastes it she gobbles it up so fast) but she has not had an accident in the house for probably 11 months. She is much leaner now..not overweight at all and her coat is nice and shiny. Even her poops are smaller. What a remarkable change in her health and well being. I cant even imagine what was in that dry food that would cause her to lose control of her bladder. She now is waiting excitedly for breakfast and supper each day. We threw away the estrogen pills. We are thrilled that we happened upon this dog food and recommend it to our friends. Thank you for giving our pet a new lease on life!

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