Mar 21, 2018
Medium, Is an adult


I wanted to say I’m so proud of your company for featuring a rescued fighter pit, most people shy away I have a rescue pit and he loves Freshpet thank you so much. Biscuit was starved and scared, riddled with mange and fear when I found him in a large chain link outdoor kennel. Who knows how long he went by himself filthy sick and no goodbye or water. I took the leap and took him home instead of dropping him off at a shelter good food from Freshpet has helped him gain trust from me, the first time I offered him food his tail popped up and we became best friends. He trusts all humans again he’s well fed and no longer worries if he will get another meal his trust bridge has been built back knowing he will never starve and that his bowl will never go empty again food goes a long way for a small 4 legged broken soul. He now plays, loves and his happy over all.

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