Joy Greenwood
Jun 17, 2018
Dog, Medium, Is-senior

Allergies and a delicate stomach

Bella is a 50 lb Australian Kelpie, which is supposed to be a fairly durable breed, but she has always suffered with spring and summer allergies and year-round intestinal issues. Have tried so many different and (supposedly) specialized dog foods, but the Freshpet tender chicken with peas and carrots is the only one that doesn’t upset her delicate skin and stomach issues. For the past two years, she actually gets super frisky and begs for it as soon as I pull the tube out of the fridge. The one time I tried something different, she was right back to her old problems. Lethargy, constipation, itchy-dry skin, and no excitement at meal time. Learned my lesson… and we are back on track with the Freshpet again…

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