Marge Michaels
Jul 26, 2018
Dog, Medium, Is-finicky

Finally! She’s eating!

We have a finicky eater. She would go DAYS without eating unless we put some cheese on top or a little chicken or even an chopped up egg. Even then, she would eat the cheese or chicken or egg and leave the kibble untouched. Everyone told me “She’ll eat when she’s hungry” but it broke my heart knowing she would go days without so much as a nibble. We tried SO many kibble meals and she just looked at me like, “Really, mom? Would you and dad eat this stuff?” Then I found Freshpet and everything changed. She gobbles it up the moment we set the bowl down! She’s happy and we’re happy! I now have an answer for all those people who said “She’ll eat when she’s hungry.” My answer is, “She’ll eat when we put delicious, healthy food in her bowl!” Thank you Freshpet!!!

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