Roger Engelken
Sep 05, 2018
Dog, Small, Is-senior

My Pomeranian Loves This

My Pomeranian was born in November 2002. He is soon to be sixteen years old. Last October he took ill.

His health went up and down from that point for another nine months, some days okay, some days not good at all. He was tired of food, whether cooked chicken or that specifically for dogs. I tried the Freshpet Select Stews and since that first day a couple of months ago, Rufus has been ecstatic to have them. His weight in the last three weeks was up 1 1/2 pounds, only two to three pounds to go to be at optimum weight. He acts like a puppy when it is feeding time (and quite a bit before that) and will consume the food like a vacuum cleaner. This has restored his digestive system and he, and I, are all the much happier to have found this.

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