Lauren Hardy
Oct 04, 2018
Dog, Medium, Is-senior

Incredible difference

I never write reviews, and this is a long one…but as my 11year old miniature schnauzer aged, I noticed that her stomach was always bloated and hard, she drank a lot of water and was always panting and hot. Her veterinarian believes that she probably has Cushings. She also had pancreatitis last year. After these things, I started trying to find her a different dog food. I began feeding her Freshpet dog food two weeks ago and she has become a new dog! She is no longer bloated. She used to wake me up in the middle of the night getting up to go outside because she was too hot and uncomfortable. She would sleep far away from me at the end of the bed (I’m thinking because she was hot). After putting her on this dog food, she sleeps all through the night right next to me. She has significantly more energy and acts years younger. I can tell she’s so much happier and more comfortable. Thank you for giving me my dog back.

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