Lisa Narozniak
Nov 16, 2018
Dog, Medium, Is-senior

Freshpet has provided my dog with the vital nutrition she needs as she nears the end of her life

My dog Angie is a 16+ year old Wire Hair Fox Terrier and my best friend. She is nearing the end of her life and suffers from many health issues associated with her being a senior dog including but not limited to Cushing’s Disease and an extremely enlarged liver that pushes into her stomach compacting it and limiting the amount of food she can eat. For years, she had been prescribed and eating a dry medically formulated kibble, which only recently became an issue for her. I noticed that when she ate the dry food and it absorbed water and expanded in her stomach it caused her to vomit up her food. I tried moistening the kibble with water before giving it to her and she refused to eat it. She also refused to eat the canned/moist version of her medical diet. I became desperate, Angie was losing vital nutrition and her health began to decline even more. I worried it was the end for her. At her age, it wasn’t worth keeping her on a medical diet that she couldn’t keep down or wouldn’t eat. I stopped feeding her the prescription food and started feeding her Freshpet Puppy food so that she received a moist meal that did not expand in her stomach and provided the calories and nutrition she needed. I chose the puppy food because it is higher in calories, which she desperately needs due to her failing health. I microwave it for a few seconds so it is warm for her to eat. Within days, her stamina increased and she became more active. She absolutely LOVES the moist food and no longer vomits up her meals. She is a totally different dog – it’s absolutely amazing! She is so much more active and alert than she was even on her medical diet. I know she won’t live forever (wishful thinking) but the extra days/weeks/months that Freshpet is providing the both of us together are priceless. I highly recommend Freshpet to anyone with a senior dog who is not eating like they should. Freshpet has given me more time with my dog – I can’t thank you enough!

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