willy stucenski
Nov 20, 2018
Dog, Small, Is-senior

Needed this 10 yrs ago

We got our Pekingese Brenda just before she turned 2. She was abused and we were her fourth owners. She never was a great eater, and as she got older she got worse and beginning about a year ago some days wouldn’t eat at all. We tried everything – mixing baby food with dog food and even people food. We were desperate – then we spotted Freshpet about 5 months ago. Omg where were you 10 yrs ago?! She looks for her food every day now. She is more perky and lovable than she ever was. What a blessing your product is. Makes life so much easier for us, too. No more worrying about if she is going to eat – and we are spending less to feed her now, too. No more adding this and that – thank you so much, Freshpet!

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