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Mia Hess
Dec 01, 2018
Dog, Medium, Is-senior

My Dogs Love It!

We found this food at our local BJs Wholesale store about 2 years ago. A friend of mine, who feeds her animals exclusively raw food, recommended this food and said that if she couldn’t prepare her dogs’ food, this is what she buys. So we bought it! It looked good and I read the ingredients.

We have 2 dogs: Schmooby, a 10 year year old, laid-back, snuggly Norwegian Elkhound/Shiba Inu/Spaniel/Beagle mix and Artie Bloo, a very active, playful 7 year old Australian Cattledog. Both of our dogs LOVE this food and their coats look excellent and their health is excellent.

I really like that Freshpet that comes in the little round pellets, although I have used the rolled food and the one that looks shredded as well. This is our personal preference. It’s very easy to measure out. We give this to our guys once a day, the other meal they get a grain-free kibble. We feed Freshpet exclusively during allergy season and it seems to really help our cattledog boy who has fall allergies.

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