Alexis Turner
Jan 06, 2019
Dog, Medium, Is-senior

Thankful I tried Freshpet

I recently went to the shelter looking for a cat and left with my sweet senior husky Sheba! She was very timid and had “not good with children or other animals”. I decided this sweet lady deserved a second chance at a family. The first two weeks were rough, I couldn’t find a dog food she would eat, I took her to the vet and they gave her a shot to boost her appetite, still nothing. I was getting worried as I watched her start to lose weight and I came across the Freshpet roasted meals and decided to give it a shot, and she loved it! Once I got her eating and trusting of me she started to come to life, a sweet playful dog who now loves me and children and other animals! Thank you for making sure a great product, my husky and I appreciate you all!

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