julie ikoehler
Feb 16, 2019
Dog, Medium, Is-adult

They LOVE it!

I have two border collie/lab mix dogs. My older one (6) somehow became a finicky eater – some stuff she won’t touch unless she’s “starving”. I searched high and low for something she’d eat without issue. I tried a customized mail order fresh brand but it was far too expensive for two dogs, even though they loved it. I found Freshpet and I have been feeding it to them for a few months now, with ZERO problems. In fact they can hardly wait for mealtimes. I also add a handful of fresh fruit (blueberries, quartered strawberries, banana slices, diced pear or apple) and a handful of veggies (grean beans, peas, carrots mostly). They clean their bowls EVERY time and I can say I no longer have to worry whether my Macie will eat. (She’s on the left in the photo).

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