Todd Foster
Feb 26, 2019
Dog, Small, Is-adult

Miraculous! As good as homemade!

I have 3 smaller, not tiny dogs. I have been making home made food for these dogs 5 nights a week. They will reluctantly eat premium (not grocery store) canned food 2 nights a week. This follows 16 1/2 years of homemade food making for a pancreatitus prone fabulous cairn terrier who could eat NO commercial food, ever. A huge job and burden, yeah.

While I can’t give Freshpet to my long departed cairn, I can say that all 3 of my current dogs LOVE it. It’s been amazing, they eagerly eat the beef, the chicken nuggets, the shredded chicken one. I just sprang for the large 5 1/2 lb chicken nuggets which they hadn’t had before. No worries, a big success. And this is cold out of the fridge. I try to let it warm to room temp but don’t always make it. My main kitchen tool is now a digital scale to control serving size and the dogs weight.

I may make them a home cooked, balanced meal 1 or 2 nights a week but the curse of doing it most nights is gone. Freshpet is great!

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