Happy Pet Parent
Sep 19, 2022
Dog, Small,

Heart failure and Diabetes under control now!!!!!

We have 4 dogs, 10 yr old with heart failure and 11 yr old with diabetes. Both on medication and the other two with allergies. We were cooking them chicken and feeding very expensive vet prescribed food they didn’t want to eat. Finding this food has changed their lives. After one week we saw a difference. They had more energy, and tales wagging all the time. After two weeks their coats are shiny, tales still wag and they are not itching. On our third week blood sugar is stable, and they have bright eyes!!! This food has changed all of our lives, and it costs less. It has given our girls so much that the most expensive food could not, their lives!!!! They love a little bison with their meals too, but now they are slimming down which is amazing without being hungry or on a diet.

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