May 11, 2013
Small, Is a senior

The Shadow Knows!

Shadow (our 15 lb. black poodle) is an older dog, between 11 and 13 or so (we don’t know for sure because he’s a rescue). He’s got some health issues which are under control, but at a recent check-up the vet advised us to change his diet. I decided to try FreshPet Select and chose the chicken, vegetable and rice ‘log’ for adult dogs.

As soon as I unwrapped and sliced off a portion for Shad I was happy with my choice. Everything about this product– the texture/appearance, the obvious freshness, the flavor (yes, I tasted it, and it was yummy!)–is terrific and of high quality.

And we have NEVER seen Shad this eager for his food.

We will most definitely be staying with FreshPet and are eager to try some of your other products. Keep up the good work!

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