Apr 22, 2013
Small, Is a senior

Diabetic Doxie

We have a sweet, sweet 11 year old diabetic mini-doxie Ozzy. He was not doing very good, lacked energy, drab coat. The Vet more or less wrote him off. We kept trying various dog foods recommended by our Vet without any good results.

One day we went grocery shopping and found Fresh Pet Select Chicken. We read the label and decided to give our Ozzy a taste. He LOVED it! His energy is back, his coat is shinny, he’s a puppy again. Our Vet could not believe the change in him. We did try the beef which he did not care for.

Fresh Pet Select – Chicken – along with his daily insulin and exercise has restored our Ozzy’s health and given him a few more quality years. Thank you very much!!

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