Apr 21, 2013
Large, Is a finicky eater

Very Happy Pack!

Being a human owed by a pack of 3 very energetic dogs, it warms my heart to say that I can trust the food I provide is safe and healthy for them when I serve the product line of kibble, lg roll food or chew bones from Fresh Pet. Willow, Old English Sheepdog is 15mos, Buddy the Jack Russell Terror is 3 and Spanky the long hair mini Dachshund is our sexy senior at 8.5 years old. I need safe, nutritional food to meet the individual needs of each dogs age and body size. Prior to using FreshPet I hand selected and prepared all their meals in my kitchen, never offered bag or can foods.
The FreshPet line is affordable, safe, nutritious and easy to prepare. Thank you from out Pack to yours, for caring about animals and not being “just another pet food”. Proof is in the pictures, check out these happy healthy smiles!

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