Jul 04, 2013
Small, Is a finicky eater

Paco Diego LOVES it!

My 3yo Chihuahua is a ridiculously picky eater and would eat only people food for the rest of his life if he had the choice. I have tried every expensive dry food on the market and he won’t eat it unless it’s saturated in human food. He was ok with wet food, so I’d add it to get him to eat his dry food, but he’d get deathly ill from all canned wet food for some reason. Freshpet Select is the only dog food that he will eat (w/out getting sick). He scarfs it down like a maniac, and if I didn’t cut him off he’d eat himself sick. It looks pretty gross (think liverwurst w/veggie chunks) but he digs it! Happy dog = happy mom. 🙂

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