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Jul 20, 2013
Medium, Is an adult

A Canine Castaway will only eat the BEST!!

My name is Chris and I love the Boston Terrier breed with all my heart. I grew up with a female named Tasha didn’t know much about dog food quality, when she passed I took a while to be able to accept another Boston into my heart. I moved from New Orleans to Florida and needed a friend so I chose to find a Boston Terrier rescue anywhere I could. That’s when I met my Gentleman Pete from a shelter called “Canine Castaways” in a small SWFl town, Arcadia. The Foster Mom told me about Freshpet and how she mixed it with his dry food, once I found out her brand I had been well educated in Dog food content and my breeds nutrition needs so I’ll just say she was feeding him corn & tree bark! I said never again, you are getting the best, so I lay down a base layer of small dry kibble bites with a high protein content then flake off the Freshpet with a fork just how he likes it, he wants a kind of Doggy Gumbo. We are sooo loyal to this brand any coupons or gifts would help Pete and I greatly.Ruff!

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