Nov 05, 2014
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Gorgeous George is now truly GORGEOUS!

Hello wonderful people!

I have a 9 year old cat named Gorgeous George. He came to me from a kind hearted soul at the local animal shelter. G. George was deemed unadoptable because he would bite and scratch potential adopters . He was not a candidate for the barn cat program because he has injuries to his hips and hind legs and cannot go much faster than a slow trot, so would not have much of a chance outdoors. Since I have taken many old or special cats before, I got the call and G. George came to live with me.

He was very bony and a bit beat up looking but a WONDERFUL cat who walks up to the barn with me every day and supervises all that goes on there. He also loves to garden and sit on my computer keyboard or lap and purr away.

I had trouble finding something that he would eat and for a number of weeks just fed him canned chicken until I discovered FreshPet at Whole Foods. Well, what a difference – he absolutely loves it as does my other 17 year old cat Lilly.

Gorgeous George is now truly gorgeous, living up to his name. He has gained weight and is shiny and sassy.

Thank you so much for such a fabulous product and all the care that your company puts into making it.

Christie and Gorgeous George

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