Feb 26, 2015
Small, Is a puppy/kitten

Willow actually likes food now

We recently adopted a new puppy. Up until this point I have never met a dog who didn’t enjoy their food to the point of inhaling it. This puppy threw me for a curve when she would refuse food or not finish her food. We decided to try Freshpet and she LOVES it. We mixed it with her old brand and she would just eat the Freshpet leaving the kibble behind. She enjoys eating now and runs to her kennel when it is time to eat. She has not had any upset stomach due to the transition either. Working in the pet industry I have researched alot of pet foods and we are very pleased with this food. My only worry is Willow will not eat an entire bag within the 7 days so we may have to try freezing some of it.

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