Mar 24, 2017
Small, Is a finicky eater

From tired cancer patient to frisky happy pup!

Our little 6lb rescue chihuahua Orion has never been one to enjoy meal time. He shied away from his bowl no matter what we fed him. Sometimes we could coax him with a new wet food for a day or two but then it was back to not eating and hiding at meal time. When Orion was diagnosed with cancer we knew we needed him to have a healthy diet to keep him strong through his treatments. After trying so many different healthy food options, I came across the Freshpet stews. We had success! Even when he was tired and hurting Orion would eat a generous portion. Now in remission, he is like a new dog. He barks eagerly jumping up and down to let us know he is ready for his meals and gobbles up every bite. He has gained a full pound and his tiny little spine and hip bones are no longer visible. Orion is now a happy, frisky pup with tons of energy and a big appetite! I am so happy with his turnaround it brings tears to my eyes. I only wish we would have found Freshpet sooner, because after six years of ownership and battling cancer, our eight year old dog now acts like a puppy. We can’t thank you enough and please don’t ever stop making the chicken and beef stews!

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