May 26, 2017
Large, Is a senior

It worked for weight loss

My lab beagle mix was obese at 74 pounds. Ive neen feeding him a dry food from the vet and 2 cans of green beans. But he got really bored with the food and eating everything except his food and still gaining weight. I now give him 1 pound of freshpet a day. Later on 2 cans of green beans and at bedtime a half a cup of kibble that i feed my skinny dog. Even with some scraps at supper he has lost 7 pounds. A roll last 6 days and i alternate between chicken and beef. I need the big rolls so i havent tried the thier other products. And he doesnt stink like some other weight loss dog foods has caused. Give it a try. I think its been worth the price. I wish it was cheeper or i would have tried it sooner but i can afford it today and that is nice. And it smells and looks like baloney which really helps on the humane side of feeding time.

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