Sep 17, 2015
Small, Is a finicky eater

Picky eater approved!

My 3 month old kitten is an extremely picky eater and after going through every single brand of dried and canned cat food, I was losing hope. She doesn’t even like tuna or turkey! The only food she would eat is boiled chicken. I tried every trick in the book, mixing cat food with formula or cream or the chicken and nothing worked. She is the only one in the litter who doesn’t eat cat food and we had the vet check her out to see if something was wrong, which there wasn’t. Her nails started getting brittle and her fur was dry, I could tell that an improper diet was getting to her. I finally decided to try Freshpet food and it worked! She didn’t go crazy for it at first, but after a couple of hours she warmed up to it. It definitely beats having to spend hours making an at home recipe for cat food.

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