Feb 17, 2017
Medium, Is a senior

Freshpets is a LIFESAVER for our dog & cat!

My husband and I are passionate about the health and well being of our pets. They both (like the rest of the family, HA!) LOVE to eat, so one way we show THEM love is by giving them fresh, nutritious, healthy food that they can’t get enough of — Freshpet! Our BELOVED almost-20-year-old (!!) cat Koshka is a VERY finicky eater, and with her advanced age, it’s important to us that we feed her healthy food. Thank goodness we found Freshpet! We got it for our dog then discovered they have cat food, too! I can’t tell you how many (expensive!) brands she has turned her nose up at (they BOTH did!) until we gave her Freshpet Vital® Grain Free Chicken & Beef Cat Food Recipe (our dog, Loki, is a picky eater and he enjoys Vital® Slice and Serve Rolls, too, and he has no more food allergies!). They can hardly wait to be served and gobble it down in no time. We feel so good knowing that they are eating so healthy! And it’s so affordable and a breeze to serve. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND FRESHPET!!!

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