Jun 23, 2017

Added quality years to our beloved Hank.

We first rescued Hank, our beautiful Russian Blue, in 1993. He’s always had a sensitive stomach, suffering anal leakage with cat foods containing unnecessary fillers. Iam’ s had always been his food, catering to his urinary track health. As Hank got older we noticed he wasn’t getting enough protein and hydration. I’d always stuck to dry cat food for dental health, but after some research I decided to give Fresh Pet a try. I like it’s ingredients, the moisture and protein content, and most of all, it doesn’t stink like other moist cat foods. Another plus, since there isn’t a bunch of filler, there was less cat waste to clean up. Hank passed away this January, 2017. I credit his healthy, happy long life and remaining years to Fresh Pet. I can’t thank you enough for giving us that extra time with our beloved family member.

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