Sep 06, 2017
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We searched and searched for a quality wet food that all three of our babies would enjoy after our male cat developed struvite stones. We have a male 7 year old part 16lb short hair, a female 7 year old 12lb long hair, and a 16 year old 5lb female calico. Our 16 year old came home with us this year after my father passed with poor eyesight, borderline diabetes, and terrible arthritis (and ate Blue Buffalo her whole life!). Our 2 younger babies had been on high quality grain free dry food their whole lives until our vet bullied us into feeding Hills Prescription Diet (not available in grain free). This change caused terrible belly upsets, and after much research and a viewing of the Netflix documentary “Pet Fooled,” we tried for weeks to make the switch to raw food. Thank God for Freshpet Vital Grain Free Chicken and Beef pate! All three of our darlings took to this food instantly, and all health issues have been either eliminated or alleviated. Our 16 year old literally gallops down the stairs to the fridge when it’s being opened for dinner time, and about 7 months ago, she couldn’t even take one stair without clearly being in pain. I do have a rather large complaint about this food, but it isn’t with the manufacturer, it is with the retailers. I have have to through away over $50 of this product due to it being spoiled/my cats not eating it, and I believe 100% that this is due to it not being stored properly. Unfortunately our local PetCo has a refrigerator with a pull-down plastic door, and 9 times out of 10, the door is left wide open when I shop there, and the temperature gauge reads 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This is obviously not a safe temperature for meat without preservatives. The local PetSmart has a much better fridge (and a higher price than PetCo). As long as the date on the tube is good and the vacuum seal on the tube is in tact, the kids will eat. I have noticed great variation with color of the meat of the tubes I’ve had to throw out, and even with good tubes the less pink the meat, the more picky my babies become. I’m glad they intuitively know when to not eat the food if it is not safe, but I do wish the stores would take better care of the product. This isn’t a cheap product, especially to feed three cats daily, and it isn’t cheap to be opening and just throwing away. I would love to see a home delivery option sent straight here on dry ice from the manufacturer.

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