Jan 08, 2018
Large, Is a finicky eater

Purrr-fect for picky eaters

Ares is my 6yr old Norwegian Forest cat, so not only is he furry, but he also is gigantic. I got him back from my family 2 yrs ago and tried to find an inexpensive diet for him that was healthy and that he would eat. I first moved to expensive wet food which helped with his coat, but he would stop eating them after a few months and I would constantly have to switch up flavors and brands. Raw food never took. Finally, my boyfriend and I found FreshPet in a mass grocery store not only is it cheap but he LOVES it! Especially the cat logs! He never upchucks anymore and is at the perfect weight! I just wish the stores in our area would realize the cat products are constantly out of stock and bring in more product.

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