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Feb 17, 2015
Medium, Has allergies/sensitivity issues

Special Needs Finally Satified

I have a puppy with special needs and one of her special needs is what her body could tolerate and digest nutritionally. I tried other brands of grain free foods, organic foods and nothing satisfied her nor met her needs until I found your brand. I had been told from a vet tech to try her on raw food but I wasn’t told a brand. I researched and found your brand and all I can say is THANK YOU from both of us. I originally started her out on the grain free Vital chicken, beef, salmon, cranberry and spinach…she loved it but went through it so quickly and I could not find a place that carried the larger size, so the same vet tech told me to try your balanced Nutrition and see how she would do. That was our answer, she loves it and has thrived on it. She has more energy, and is digesting it better now that she has been on it for a bit. Her TCVM Vet is Very Pleased with her progress on the food. Now I have started my 11 year old beagle on it and he also is in love.

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