Feb 17, 2015
Medium, Is a senior


I saw this at Petco today and always wanted my dog to try it, but thought it was expensive. I was in spending mode (shopping with my friends does that to me) so i grabbed one. Cookie is supposed to be a 45 lb chow/shepherd mix but is overweight. She has been eating blue buffalo since i found out that Beneful has poison in it. My mom doesn’t think its bad so i have to pay for her “good” dog food. ANYWAY! I gave her a tiny slice tonight (because she already ate) and she seemed to like it! Then she stood up and stared at me crying. I was sitting in front of her toy box and as soon as i moved she grabbed her toy and ran around the house! She usually gets tired out almost immediately but tonight she just kept going! It was like she was on a food high! It was pretty adorable! If she acts this energetic after three bites, i cant even imagine how she would be on a whole diet of this!

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