Willow's mommy !!!
Jun 29, 2015
Large, Has allergies/sensitivity issues

Ms. Willow Rose

My extremely spoiled rotten Great Dane (Female, 6 years old, 140 lbs.) tends have issues with eating from time to time. She starts out LOVING a food then slowly starts to loose interest in it or worse we find a food she likes and soon find out she’s allergic to an ingredient or ends up with GI issues !!! Our lives changed 2 years ago when we discovered some heart & lung damage from heart worms had occurred. Crazy part is it was due to not digesting the heartworm preventive… It would pass through her digestive system too quickly this was due to the diet she was on. Our vet recommended a Bison formula due to its great heart & GI bennifits. Seems easy enough except for the fact that I’m extremely picky about food due to past dogs as well as her showing signs of food as well as environmental allergies. I was lucky to have found Solid Gold Wolf King unfortunately being on so many restrictions meant fewer “treats”. That is until we found Vital grain free beef & bison reciepe. I normally would not have even attempted to try something new due to her past problems, but the fact that it was such limited ingredients made it worth the effort. What started out as a simple “treat” has turned into a MUST HAVE in this house. I am so very grateful to have found this when I did bc it became a total life saver a few weeks ago when she had to have an emergency stomach surgery/gastropexy. The vet tried numerous things to get her to start eating again after surgery with no avail. In true fashion the only thing she would attempt was the one thing that causes allergy flair ups, baked chicken. We knew we needed her to eat but we also knew if we didn’t get her off the chicken she was going to be fighting a bigger battle. And then it hit me….. Why not try her FAVORITE “treat” !!! Although a bit pricey, we were already on borrowed time with our girl and we needed to act fast and her well being was more important than money, but turned out to be well worth the extra expense. We ran to the nearest store that carried the vital rolls and rushed back to her side and within minutes she found her will to eat again !!!! It was such a joyish moment to know we had found something that would help her pull through the hardest thing she has ever been faced with. She is currently eating just the beef & bison roll as her main source of food which has also helped her water intake bc we are able to mix with some water to make a type of soft mix and get both food and water in her at the same & time, which has prevented her from becoming dehydrated as well. The vet was so impressed with how well she was doing to the Vital roll she was able to come home 2 days sooner than most dogs who have this particular surgery. I really can’t say enough WONDERFUL & AMAZYING things about this product. I do know one thing and that is, that this is no longer a “treat”….. It has now become part of her daily diet & she absolutely LOVES it !!!! I owe her well being, as well as her desire to fight & thrive though this difficult time to this food !!! It has helped in way more ways than I could have imagined. Her energy level is improving, her BMs have improved, she doesn’t seem to have a loud angry tummy & gas problems as frequent, and she’s ALWAYS willing to eat now !!! Thank You for getting my baby to eat !!!

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