Aug 18, 2015
Medium, Is an adult

Bye bye picky eaters and allergies

Having three dogs and interesting them to all eat has been a challenge over the years. My two malteses are very picky eaters and were never excited about food. I was always seeking healthy food they would eat. My Bichon, who was one of my foster dogs loved eating, but would throw up food and bite his paws. Toby had a rough start in life and came to us 3 years with many issues. We couldn’t determine if his problems were from anxiety because of his past situation or the food he was on. My vet recommended Vital. I just can’t believe how all three dogs are beyond excited to eat and no more allergy problems. No more tearing eyes causing streaking for my white babies and no more feet chewing. I even noticed their coats feel different and hair is healthier. Everyone always says I would do anything for my babies and they are right, only the best. Plus I know for a fact the better you feed them the healthier they will be and less vet bills. I only buy freshpet food and treats. They are crazy for everything. Thank you so much! Life is easier that Freshpet does the cooking.

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