Jan 04, 2017
Medium, Has allergies/sensitivity issues

From hives to a shiny coat!

I had my american bully on Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Moderate Calorie (which is a great dog food) but she was breaking out in hives every day. I decided to start feeding her a raw diet after finally doing allergy testing. She turned out to be allergic to the protein in the moderate calorie food (beef). I tried different brands, different recipes, and she still broke out and had diarrhea. As soon as I put her on Freshpet Vital Balance Nutrition, I started seeing a difference immediately. She has not once broken into hives, and she gets compliments on how shiny her coat is. She also has very healthy stools and has shed some pounds. I would definitely recommend this food. Although in some cases with chronic derm. or GI issues, I would also recommend doing allergy testing,

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