Jan 24, 2017
Small, Is a finicky eater

The Owner of the World’s Pickiest Eater

I have the worlds pickiest dog when it comes to eating. I have tried EVERYTHING. Every brand, every style. Raw food, kibble, freeze dried, I’ve even home-made my food for him and it’s notorious that he gets bored and stops eating after a few days. I’ve explained my dog to so many pet food reps, sales associates, and vets and nobody’s has heard of a dog as picky as mine. I tried Fresh Pet’s Vital beef and bison tube food (that’s what I call it) about 2 years ago and he LOVED it. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too quickly because he usually starts off “loving” food and then stops eating about 2 days later. But I am so happy to say he loves it today just as much as he did when I introduced it to him. I recommend this product to ANYONE and EVERYONE. You will not be disappointed!

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