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May 07, 2017
Small, Is a finicky eater

I use to make my own food

For years I made my dogs food, which took hours. I use to make sure it had all the vitamins and nutrition needed. I started doing this because there were too many recalls, plus I didn’t like canned food and wanted a fresh meal for my babies. My vet started carrying Fresh Pet and I noticed it in the refrigerator. I asked about it and was told how amazing the food was. My vet thought it was one of the best-inspired products on the market. I decided to try it. Now remember my 3 angels where spoiled and use to home cooking. They immediately loved this new food and treats. So at first I thought they would tire of it after awhile, but it has been 6 years. The beauty of this product is they have different meat and fish proteins. The vegetables and fruit along with the protein are perfect together. I believe in variety, so I have tried them all. Plus going back and forth among their products you don’t have to worry about changing, my dogs have never had issues. My guys like the vital turkey with spinach, cranberries and blueberries the best. Second favorite is Vital chicken. Anyone who has a Bichon or Maltese knows they can be a little picky, not in our house as plates are clean. We recently adopted another rescue who is a Westipoo. Poor little guy was under weight and his hair looked awful. 6 weeks of fresh pet he is full of energy, eating great and his hair looks healthy already. As they say you are what you eat and I totally believe better food leads to healthy and happy pups. Not to mention less visits to the vet.

The company has fantastic customer service if you ever have any questions.

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