Miss Picky
May 15, 2017
Small, Has allergies/sensitivity issues

The Pickiest Chihuahua

Hi Freshpet! I am sending a picture of Sable. Ever since Sable was a baby she had stomach issues-it seemed that every food made her sick after a few days. Perhaps because of this she was the pickiest eater ever! No matter what I gave her she would turn her little nose up and walk away. The vet put her on a special bland diet which took away the stomach issues but she hated it! Mealtimes were miserable. One day my friend Jason (dogfood whisperer)brought us Freshpet. And Sable loved it! Even better, there were no stomach issues. She gobbles it up. Her eyes sparkle and her fur is…well, like Sable! Thank you SO MUCH for making such a great dog food! Sable ❤️ Freshpet

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