Missy Bee
Jun 07, 2017
Small, Is an adult

Finicky Dog? Picky Eater?

I adopted a 7yr old Doxie recently. Unfortunately, she was fed “people food” for a long time and became a very picky little eater. I asked the foster how to prep the kibble with white rice and freshly cooked chicken, and apparently wasn’t doing it exactly right. My little dog wouldn’t eat! She is only 4lbs and cannot go more than a day without food. I was desperate!! I bought Freshpet wet food (Beef), hoping that it would work. It did!!! She ate half her little bowl and came back to it later. I am so relieved!! Thanks to Freshpet, I won’t be a slave in the kitchen, prepping my dogs food everyday!! I’ll know she’s eating a healthy meal that will help her thrive!

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