Jun 25, 2017
Large, Is a senior

Helps Diabetic Dogs

Two years ago I was devastated to learn that I had two diabetic dogs. I did everything my vet told me to do. I fed a prescription diet, tested and gave them insulin shots twice a day. In the last two years we have not been able to stabilize either my boy or his mother. I resigned myself to the fact I would never get either dog’s diabetes under control, that was until recently. My husband and I went out of town and my 14 year-old took a turn for the worst. Her blood sugar sky rocketed and she stopped eating. My friend who was taking care of my four Labradors decided to find a new food she would eat. She brought home Freahpet Vital. My old girl loved it. The best part this food began lowering her blood sugar. The last two weeks my old girls blood sugar has been more consistent and she has been getting stronger. Today we began giving this same food to my other diabetic dog and we are hoping for the same results. i will have to keep you posted.

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