Jul 12, 2017
Small, Is an adult

Angel Food

We had to wait to get our little Angel because she was underweight and wouldn’t eat. Finally we got to bring her home. So then the hunt started to find a well balanced, nutritious food that she would eat. Of course she loved chicken and rice and many other home cooked meals, but would she receive all the vitamins she would get in professionally prepared food. I tried the one Freshpet brand and she would eat a little and then not so much. Tried another and so forth until we found the Vital Bison and Beef. She loved it and now 7 years later, she is a tiny bit overweight–maybe and thriving. So the Vital Bison and Beef are Vital to our lives. When we can’t get it, I start to panic and Angel and I are MOST unhappy. It is the only food that she will eat consistently. So Thanks for such a great product. Please don’t stop making the 1 lb size as that is all she can consume in 7 days and sometimes not all of that.

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