Oct 13, 2017
Large, Is a senior

Dog with High Kidney values and Lymhoma – this is LIFESAVER

To make a long story short my old gal Lou Lou who is almost 13 years old has been diagnosed with Lymphoma. A year before that she was diagnosed with Cushings Disease. She takes Vetroyl for Cushings and she is currently on her 5th treatment of Chemo. The issue was that we needed a low carb, low phosphorus food for her as cancer feeds off carbs and due to her Cushings her kidney values were high. My sister recommended this food as she had a dog with cancer and it was the only food her dog would eat. My Lou Lou would normally eat anything as most labs do, however with the Chemo I think her sense of smell and or taste was off hence she was turning her nose up at everything until I tired Freshpet Vital Beef and Bison. Now she eats all her food and her recent blood test reveled that her Kidney values are back to normal. The vet even asked what I did differently, I told him Fresh Pet and even emailed him the link with the nutritional values on it so he can recommend it to future clients that maybe in the same predicament as I with Lou Lou. I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart. Its easy to buy, I don’t have to order it online, easy to serve, made in the USA and best of all it is helping her. Please don’t ever change the recipe or sell out to any other company. Thank you 🙂

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