John & Rob
Oct 14, 2017
Small, Is a senior

A Happy Ending..

This past year has been extremely difficult for our family. In September of 2016 our dog, Rusty, began acting strange. We observed changes in appetite and behavior. We questioned if it had something to do with the 6mo old puppy Rusty was now sharing his home with. But that wasn’t it, Rusty loved having a playmate.

It felt like we were at the vets daily trying to figure out what was happening. Blood work and urine analyses kept coming back normal. Then on October 8, 2016 the lights went out. Rusty stood frozen in the corner paralyzed by fear. We rushed him to the vet to learn he’d lost his vision. Further testing revealed changes in appetite and behavior were a result of high blood pressure which would lead to his blindness.

Following his diagnosis, things were very different. Aside from the addition of pet ramps and daily blood pressure medicine, we saw a major change in Rusty’s digestion. He couldn’t keep any food down. We tried every combination of chicken and rice, pumpkin and sweet potato. We added supplements and probiotics. Nothing worked. Then we found Freshpet. Since switching over to your product, Rusty has not only found digestive relief, he’s begun gaining back the weight he lost.

My husband teaches second grade and I run a local mental health clinic. We make a living caring for others. Freshpet has reminded us that there are people out there doing the same for our furry family members. We’ve had to budget to allow for this premium dog food. Having given Rusty his life back, it’s been well worth it! Next week our pup turns 12.. we owe that, in part, to you… Thank you.

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