Jan 07, 2018
Small, Is an adult

Tear stains are gone!

I noticed the tears in my dog’s eyes becoming darker and darker. They were discolouring her fur, and even extensive cleaning would not remove them. We bought several different wipes and cleaning solutions, which we applied once or twice daily. We bought a filter and tried only giving her filtered water. We consulted our vet, who thought antibiotics might work, but did not encourage their use for a “cosmetic” problem. We removed all colour additives from her food and her treats. The problem continued for two years, and the fur around our dog’s eyes only got darker and darker to the point that even taking her to the dog groomer’s would not remove the stains.
Then, we switched to FreshPet. The results were almost immediate. Within a few days, the tearing around her eyes became a lighter colour. After a couple trips to the dog groomer’s, the brownish-red staining was fully removed from her fur.
It’s been several years and they haven’t come back!
No cleaning. No wiping. No fuss.
Just normal feeding.

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