Feb 27, 2018
Small, Is a finicky eater

Amazing results

Amazing results. My 18 month old 8 pound chipoo is a very very picky eater. I was homecooking for along time . Then my daughter suggested I try freshpet. It been 6 months now . At first she was excited to get her food. Now it seems not as much. So I got the bag instead and she would not touch it but a few pieces. So back to the roll . I give it to her just before going to work and 5 hours later I get home her dish is clean.. I guess she trys to get me to stay home lol.
In occasion she wont eat her breakfast and not much dinner .However vet said do not worry bout it as long as she does not go 2 days without food.
I know she loves the food … Her poop has also changed .. I was worried at first as she was not pooping as much.
Thanks Freshpet.

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