Mar 25, 2018
Medium, Has allergies/sensitivity issues

The Dachshund pickers

I have two wonderful dogs, Frank and Sadie. Frank is nine year old Dachshund mix and Sadie is three and she’s a Dachshund Beagle mix. My dogs have always been playful well behaved and they love people. Over the years I’ve tried them on various dog foods mainly grain free. The last few months have been rough. Their appetites have totally disappeared. One of the grain free ones had chicken and they were so allergic to it or whatever way it was processed. They began losing their fur in different spots as a result. I think my dogs knew that it was making them I’ll so they quit eating it(they’re so smart). I was so worried so I saw a commercial for Freshpet and Frank cleaned his bowl and went to Sadie’s bowl and looked up at me as if to say can I continue? I’m so happy, they’re eating again and the sores have disappeared.

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