Jul 23, 2018
Dog, Small, Is an adult

Big Strapping Boy

We adopted a male Presa Canario two years ago. He had been horribly abused. At rescue he weighed a mere 42 pounds. He gained 20 pounds during his month or so at the shelter. We drove from Dallas to Atlanta to adopt him.
Now two years later he is 110 – 115 pounds. This is still light for a male Presa but better for joints and heart. He is a very picky eater. We ran through several “premium” brands of dog food. He quickly became tired of each. Then we tried him on the 6 pound Vital Turkey roll. Oh boy! He gets 1 pound with his other foods every night. He is trim and shiny, his teeth stay clean, and he doesn’t seem to tire of  Vital.

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