Sep 19, 2018
Dog, Large, Is-senior

Life saver

Timber is a once 100 lb rescue mix who is now 13 yrs old and ~83 lb due to muscle loss and early stage kidney disease. He had a very sensitive stomach from the get go. We always tried to feed him high protein, high quality kibble, which he did best on. Unfortunately we experienced more than one brand start with a good quality recipe to build the reputation and trust then over time sneakily change the ingredients to cheaper recipe for same big price. Usually we found out when his stomach started acting up. One thing my boy always liked is eating, but recently he started leaving a portion in the bowl and suddenly stopped eating any dry dog food offered. In desperation we tried cooking him human grade meats (chicken, steak, lean ground beef), which he ate once then refused the next time. We ran out of things to offer and thought we would have to take him to the vet to say goodbye. Then my stepdad said “what about the refrigerated dog food you see at the stores?” We thought it was a long shot if he wouldn’t eat steak, but we were desperate and wouldn’t let him starve himself and knew he couldn’t live on hamburgers anyway. We offered him the Freshpet Vital Beef & Bison roll and to our amazement and pure joy he wolfed it down…not just once, but every day for the last two weeks so far. He is no longer on his NSAID for arthritis and he has gotten a lot of spunk back. He meets us bright eyed at the door again, which he hadn’t done for over a month. We are so grateful to have found this food that has rejuvenated him and extended our time together.

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