Tiffany Lynn
Oct 16, 2018
Dog, Small, Is-senior

10 years old with 8 teeth

My older baby has had really bad molar issues, a beef allergy & GI upset. She also refuses wet food! Due to her dental issues, in the last year she has slowly refused more & more bowls of kibble with raw bits. The she started only eating the dehydrated bits. I found a little cup of mashed food she ate but suddenly refused & had issues. I then cooked boiled chicken, eggs & rice for a few days but I decided I didn’t want her staying on it forever. I remembered the raw bits she always loved & started looking at raw diets. Found a few online but I mainly like going to the pet store. Found this small breed raw diet she can solely be on. I love how you can see the carrots & how it smells like chicken sausage! She devours this food like nothing else. No prep! No beef! No chewing problems or tummy issues! Yay! I even had to buy a measuring cup to make sure I didn’t overfeed her. A bag last me about 5 days, it says use within a week of opening. This is her only source of food, no treats or table food due to her special needs. My baby is extremely happy & Mommy is too.

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