Angela Soper
Oct 23, 2018
Dog, Medium, Is-allergic

Thank you for saving my Ka$h

I adopted my frenchie, Ka$h, one year ago. He had been hit by a car and dumped by his owners. After $10,000 in surgery to replace his pelvis, I was contacted by the rescue to adopt him. I had waited over one year to find a frenchie. Little did I know, Ka$h came with some extra health issues. He is severely allergic to chicken. ALL forms of it. SO allergic, ALL of my animals had to be put on a completely chicken free diet. Ka$h HATED the food recommended by my vet. We reached an understanding with another brand but it was fish based and he didn’t like it. I decided to try Vital in the Beef & Bison. It was a WINNER! Not only are the sores on Ka$h finally healing BUT he now LOOKS FORWARD to feeding time! I can’t thank you enough for making my boy not only healthy but ALSO HAPPY! Ka$h is the 2nd dog I’ve owned that required special food. Vital saved BOTH of my dogs from suffering and ALSO didn’t break my budget. You all are a blessing and I hope you continue to expand your line. If there are any completely chicken free treats, I would love to hear about them. Ka$h cannot even have chicken fat as an ingredient. He would HAPPILY volunteer as a “taste tester” for any completely poultry free treat products that you may intend to launch in the future! Thank you so much. There are no words to express my appreciation for you.

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