Melba Lanham
Jan 22, 2019
Dog, Medium, Is-senior

My Insulin Dependent Dog

We have struggled since our Brittany, now 12 yrs old, was diagnosed with diabetes at 1yr. We have tried many foods to find one that did not create havoc with her blood sugar readings. If you know anything about Brittanys, exercise as a puppy and adult is not a component of high blood sugar!

We check her BGL twice daily at a minimum and base our insulin dosage on those readings. We have been as high as 12 units twice daily.

We tried Freshpet Vital the first time we saw it – that was August 26, 2016. We keep impeccable records. We transitioned off of kibble & canned food and onto Vital as her meal twice daily. When we began Freshpet, we were on 12 units of insulin twice daily. We immediately dropped to 6 units twice daily. That was almost 2 1/2 yrs ago.

As Penny has moved into the senior stage of her journey, she is up to 8 units a day but is pretty stable on that dosage. It is absolutely all about the food! Thank you Freshpet!

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